2015 Winter Holiday Drive

2015 Winter Holiday Drive

An Effort benefiting Foster and Orphan Teens & Children

Preparation for our upcoming 2015 Winter Holiday Drive is brewing. We are reaching out to community-based and faith-based organizations, local high school and student clubs, activity teams, and businesses to support our efforts.

We are looking for each organization, club or sports team to partner with us and find 10 families who are willing to donate at least one (1) Teen Welcome “CARE” Kit with 20 items; spending no more than $20. Of the 10 families, we ask that 5 families donate filled bins for teens boys and 5 families donate filled bins for teen girls. If additional families which to participate in our drive, they may do so by donating a Child Fun “CARE” Kit with 10 items; spending no more than $10.

Please consider joining our efforts:
> Teen “CARE” Kit (13-18 years) – Spend $20 for 20 items
> Child “CARE” Kit (5-12 years) – Spend $10 for 10 items

Find our posted lists on our website – “CARE” Kit List

Help us help foster and orphaned teens and children enjoy this upcoming Winter Holiday season. As we all know, “A simple act of kindness goes a long way.”


Juanita R. Williams
Founder & Program Coordinator
The Caring Big Foundation, Inc.