Our Story

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to serve as an entity that works closely with businesses, for-profit, non-profit, and community organizations in efforts to collect items donated by the local community during the winter holiday season, and distribute them to orphan and foster children.

Our Mission & Goal:

Our mission and goal is to place a care package or gift into the hands of orphan and foster children during the winter holiday season.

The Need:

Surprisingly, there is a rising number of children in our cities without families, without permanent homes, without support systems, and without care. We feel that in order to understand this great need, you must first understand the magnitude of the problem. As you view the statistics above, please remember that these numbers are more than just numbers…they are children.

We know that the problem is not an easy one to solve; however, helping these children get through the holiday season with a smile on their faces means the world to them, and to us also. So, we have organized a drive seeking the assistance of the local community to help bring a smile to the face of a child.

To make this happen, we understand that it will require the participation of everyone to get involved locally. We all know that getting through the holidays without family, a home, a support system or even the proper care is very difficult, and at times a depressing day for some children. Many feel sad, afraid, angry, and alone most often during these times, wishing that they were with their families celebrating the season with a gift or two in a warm cozy home sitting around the Christmas tree, drinking hot chocolate and opening presents. Such is not the case for these children, that is why we have joined forces with other non-profit organizations to bring awareness of such need to the attention of our local community.

Would you please consider participating in our Holiday Drive this year? It would mean the world to us and the children who are receiving these Holiday gifts and care packages. We thank you in advance for your participation, and for spreading the word to others.

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