Our Cause

According to the AZDES reports in 2012, there are just over 1400 children in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area without a stable or semi-permanent home. Sadly, many of these children are without a home and/or family, and get none of the gifts that many other children receive during the Holiday season.

In 2012, through a collaborative effort, LW Foster Initiative and Arizona Friends for Foster Children Foundation and other participating organizations were able to distribute 225+ gifts to orphan and foster children located in the city of Phoenix and surrounding cities. In 2013, we along with these very same partnering organizations were able to collect 2215 items and distribute 723 gifts/sets.

This year, our focus in particularly on teens, ages 13-18, because they are the group of children needing the most support; however, we will still accept donated items for children of all ages. In our efforts to bring more awareness of and to meet this great need, we are reaching out to the local community and businesses, again. Please consider joining us in our efforts to place at least one care package or one gift into the hands of every child, in particularly the teens, bringing a smile to their faces during this winter holiday season, and most importantly, letting them know that there is still hope because someone cares…we care.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

Join us in our Annual Winter Holiday Drive[/one_third_last]

We thank you in advance for supporting our cause…A Cause for A Child.