Our Partners

LW Foster Initiative

“Showing Every Child That Someone Cares”

The LW Foster Initiative is dedicated to bringing awareness to the Arizona community that our orphans are in need. They are focused on recruiting and maintaining families through our partner Agape, on raising donations to help with the many needs of fostering children by employing a sponsorship program, and on providing aid in the transition of foster children who are turning 18, and will need to leave the system. The funds are used for simple things like luggage, toiletries, camp fees, sports fees, music lessons, and more.

Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation

“Enriching the Lives of Children in Foster Care”

The Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation is the only organization in the State that provides these “something extras” for children in foster care. Over the past 30 years, they have awarded more than $3,500,000 to more than 23,000 children in foster care in Arizona. We receive no State or government funding. The more than 14,000 children currently in foster care in Arizona depend on this organization to provide them with something extra to help raise their self-esteem and bring them closer to experiencing a normal childhood.

Since 1983, the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation has been promoting the self-esteem and enriching the lives of children in foster care in Arizona by funding activities, education and other needs that provide them with quality experiences while they live through very difficult circumstances.

OCJ Kids – Opportunity, Community and Justice for Kids

“Helping to raise teens to be equipped for every good work.”

OCJ Kids is an organization whose founders have a passion for reaching out to the growing population of unsupervised youth aged 12-18 who were gathering after school with nothing productive to occupy their time and who were being tempted by negative influences, including gangs, drugs, and violent behavior.

Currently, they administer a Fostering Connections project, providing tools resources, life skills training, financial literacy, and caring adult mentors for foster youth living in group homes.Our long term goal is to connect every foster youth in America with a loving caring community and provide quality transitional housing, building a foundation of success.

Arizona Association for Foster & Adoptive Parents

“Serving parents and families who adopt.”

The Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents is a non-profit, statewide organization that serves families who adopt children and provide foster and kinship care. They partner with Helen’s Hope Chest, Jose’s Closet, Clothes for Keeps and storage rooms across the state to make clothing and supplies available to families for their children in foster, adoptive and kinship placements.

Working in partnership with child welfare professionals and the community, this organization supports, educates, empowers, and provides a unified voice for Arizona’s foster and adoptive families, with the goal of increasing the well-being and stability of Arizona’s most vulnerable children.

In Association with the following organizations:
State of Arizona, Department of Child Safety (DCS)
Passage Transition Coalition