Sharing Thoughts of Gratitude

We believe it is important that you hear from the recipients, participants, and volunteers of this Annual drive.


“These gifts will make all of the difference for the children in our care this year. It is a wonderful blessing to see the faces of children on Christmas morning who’ve never before opened a Christmas gift of their very own!”

— Kris, foster mom/volunteer

“The best day of our year is the toy distribution day when we get to meet the foster families whose children will be opening these presents they might not otherwise have had on Christmas morning.”

— Diane, toy coordinator

“We never expected that people who’ve never met us, could be so generous and caring. It’s hard to be a kid in foster care, but your help means a lot.”

— Anthony, age 15

“I wish you could have seen the looks on our children’s faces on Christmas morning. Please thank the people who were so generous to our family.”

— Kim, foster mom